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Photo courtesy of Live Coal Gallery LLC
‘Aired Out Quilts’ turns stories of lifelong Detroiters into art

There’s a saying in Brightmoor — if you can make it out of the blighted neighborhood on Detroit’s west side, you can do anything. Dwan Dandridge is proof of that.

Photo by Randiah Camille Green
Detroit artists Sydney James and Lamar Landers partner up for ‘Portrayal’

James’ bold colors and thick strokes pair well with Landers’ slice of life portraits. Both tell the story of the couple’s travels across Africa with a juxtaposition that shows viewers how a single moment can be interpreted on film and reimagined differently on a canvas. 

Photo by Randiah Camille Green
Even with cash in hand, Black farmers in Detroit struggle to overcome hurdles to purchasing plots

In its first year, the The Detroit Black Farmer Land Fund (DBFLF) granted funds to 30 Black farmers. In 2020, they raised over $100,000 to support around 40 farmers in their journey towards land ownership. But it has not been simple for last year’s awardees to purchase land.

Photo Courtesy of Elevated Yogi
What it’s like to do a smoke session at Detroit’s 420-friendly yoga studio

Bring your own mat. Bring your own bud. The smoke sesh is from 6:30 p.m. and class follows at 7 p.m.

Photo Courtesy of Austen Brantley
Detroit sculptor takes viewers ‘behind the mask’ to explore layers of identity in new exhibit

We all wear a mask to some degree whether it’s the personas we choose to present to the world or subconsciously adopting the expectations of race, gender, and class. Which version is the real you?

Photo by Randiah Camille Green

The serenity of picking flowers inspired Hamilton to create Flower Therapy, a live flower art installation at Norwest Gallery of Art, which she owns. It’s one of countless exhibits she’s curated that solidify her as one of Detroit’s dopest Black female artists.

Photo by Derek Yamashita/The Hidden Japan
Voyaging Towards Introspection with the Yamabushi Mountain Monks

A symbolic death and rebirth in the mountains of Yamagata, Japan, but not without indulging in the local nightlife.

Photo from Ryusui-ji Dainichibo Temple pamphlet
A Guide on Where to see the Mummies of Yamagata

Worship the dead at these temples featuring Japan’s self-mummified monks.

Photo by Ken Yoshizawa
Into the Mind of Shintaro Kago, One of Japan’s Most Infamous Erotic Manga Artists

Feelings of disgust and intrigue are common for those seeing Shintaro Kago’s work for the first time as mandalas of severed fingers stare back at them.

Photo by Life of Wu on Pexels.com

The 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Japan

Godlike mountains, remote islands, and ancient castles are among Japan’s World Heritage Sites. This list is basically a holy grail of travel destinations from natural wonders to those with cultural significance.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com
Japan’s Attempt to Ease Strict Entry Bans for Foreign Residents Too Little, Too Late

Foreign residents of Japan have been left stranded overseas for months as the country closed its borders over COVID-19.

Poop Museum in Yokohama, Japan
Photo by Randiah Camille Green
5 Ways to Play With Poop at the Unko Museum Yokohama

The world’s first poop museum is open from now until July 2019.

Photo by Ken Yoshizawa
Exploring Koyasan, Japan’s Most Holy Town

Don’t call it Mount Koya. This sacred complex in Wakayama Prefecture is much more than just a mountain.

Photo by keimevo
Teamlab Borderless Travel Guide

Watch as interactive art projections come to life right before your eyes at the world’s first digital art museum.

Photo by Randiah Camille Green
Ferndale exhibit ‘Revelations’ shows how tight-knit Detroit’s art scene really is

In art, just like in life, nothing is ever quite as simple as it seems. If you take the paintings at M Contemporary Art’s newest exhibition, Revelations, at face value, they might seem like just a random collection. But in reality, they are all connected. 

Photo Courtesy of the Sarah E. Ray Project
Uncovering Sarah Elizabeth Ray, ‘Detroit’s other Rosa Parks’

Sarah Elizabeth Ray should have been heralded as a civil rights icon, but her legacy has mostly faded into obscurity. Now, a group of Detroit eastsiders, a former journalist and a documentary filmmaker are hoping to revive her story.

Photo courtesy of Mag Creates
Building a Black-owned food business ecosystem in Detroit

Detroit’s Black-owned food businesses thrive through networks of collaboration and support

Photo by Valeriia Miller on Pexels.com
Persevering Through COVID-19, What we can Learn From Japan’s Cherry Blossoms

Like the temporary nature of the cherry blossom season, this too shall pass.

Image by locomat from Pixabay 
Gotoku-ji Temple Travel Guide

You’ve probably seen the thousands of cat statues at this Tokyo temple in photos, but seeing in person is believing.

Photo by Randiah Camile Green
Why You Need to Experience Kagura, Japan’s Oldest Performance Art

When demons invite you to dance, you obviously say yes.

Hiking to Nageiredo, Japan’s Most Dangerous National Treasure

Harness your inner strength and climb outside your comfort zone on Tottori Prefecture’s Mount Mitoku.

Photo by Randiah Camille Green
The Mummy at Churen-ji Temple

What do The Beatles and a mummy have in common? You can find them both at this temple.

Image by John Lok from Pixabay
Japan’s Indigenous Ainu Culture Deserves Recognition

The sacred land of the Kamikawa Ainu in Hokkaido offers a peek into the way of life of Japan’s original people.

Photo by Randiah Camille Green
5 of the Creepiest Abandoned Places in Japan

Known as Haikyo or “ruins,” these spots are more than just apocalyptic photo ops.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com
10 Spots to go Glamping in Japan

Add a touch of luxury to the (already) great outdoors.

Photo by Buenosia Carol on Pexels.com
5 Shops to try Yokohama’s Local Iekei Ramen

Discover this local ramen style that’s creamy and chewy with all the toppings.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com
5 Metal and Punk Bars in Japan

Enjoy heavy metal, punk and horror movie memorabilia at these fine establishments.

Photo by Randiah Camille Green
Meguro Parasitological Museum Travel Guide

You may never eat sushi again after visiting this creepy-crawly museum.

Photo by Randiah Camille Green
Kanamara Penis Festival Travel Guide

Celebrate fertility with penis-themed goodies at this wild annual festival in Kanagawa, Japan.


Randiah Camille Green, Independent Collegian
Independent Collegian 2011
Collective Bargaining, Not Begging

University of Toledo employees protest against Ohio Senate Bill 5 which would strip them of their collective bargaining rights.

Randiah Camille Green, Independent Collegian
Independent Collegian 2011
President Jacobs shows support as Issue 5 Passes

University of Toledo President backs Senate Bill 5, despite faculty concerns.

Randiah Camille Green, Independent Collegian
Independent Collegian 2010
Classes and Programs Could be cut for FY 2012

Grim financial outlook might mean cuts to programs and majors, according to university administrators.

Randiah Camille Green, Independent Collegian
Independent Collegian 2011
Employees Fight Issue 5: Faculty Collectively Support Collective Bargaining

University of Toledo employees express concern over Ohio Senate Bill 5.

Randiah Camille Green, Independent Collegian
Independent Collegian 2010
CAS Faculty Vote No Confidence

University of Toledo Arts and Science faculty give stamp of disapproval to university president after he unveils plans to restructure their college. (This article was referenced in the 2012 book “Performance: The Dynamic of Results in Postsecondary Education.”)

Randiah Camille Green, Lansing City Pulse
Lansing City Pulse 2012
Curtain Call: Shakespeare in Lust

Michigan State University puts on “Measure for Measure,” Shakespeare’s racy, lesser-known play.

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