Social Media Marketing

I have created social media posts that drive traffic back to digital content across Instagram and Facebook. My expertise includes video creation, curating photos, caption writing, and overall social media engagement strategy.


Nagareido, Japan’s Most Dangerous National Treasure

Entirely shot and made by me for the Tottori Prefecture Tourism Bureau.

Rice and Circus, a Seriously Weird Restaurant in Tokyo

Made by me. Video clips and photos by Peter Austin.

5 Famous Foods to try in Kyoto

Edited by me.

Find Remote Work on GaijinPot Jobs

Edited by me to promote the remote work function on the GaijinPot Jobs website.


2019 Rugby World Cup Instagram Countdown

A countdown to the 2019 Rugby World Cup that I created for GaijinPot. During this visual campaign, the GaijinPot Travel website experienced a significant jump in traffic. All graphics and captions by me.

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